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Events & Training Portfolio

KW Group is a leading organizer, partner, speaker, and moderator at major international conferences, exhibitions, trade missions, and trade capacity-building programs. We work directly with Development Institutions, Donor Agencies, Governments, Academia, and Businesses with a focus on Economic Development, Trade, Investment, and FDI providing a focus on Asia Pacific. ​

United Nations ESCAP - (South-South) Investment Promotion Agencies Development Program

KW Group were delighted to lead and support capacity development workshops hosted by 🌐 United Nations ESCAP (in thanks to Agencia Presidencial de Cooperación Internacional de Colombia, APC Colombia) in fostering a groundbreaking collaboration between investment promotion agencies in Asia-Pacific & Latin America.


It started November 2023 with 20+ developing country IPAs from both regions coming to Bangkok to exchange knowledge, identify an agenda for better ipa-ipa cooperation, and take part in a capacity-building training on investment attraction and investible project development. 

United Nations ESCAP - Crafting Investable Projects IPA Capacity Development Program

KW Group Managing Partners, Michelle Wong and Andrew Keable led a workshop and development program funded and hosted by the United Nations ESCAP in Bangkok, with the first edition in November 2023 designed for 20 IPAs including representation from Latin America through the IPA South-South Program,  ASEAN Secretariat IPAs as well as other APAC IPAs and invited guests as part of regional capacity development to enhance the development of investable project pipelines and institutional investment.


The program bridges the gap between investor interests and the offerings of Investment Promotion Agencies (IPAs) to attract targeted investors for country-specific major and critical projects. 

27th WAIPA World Investment Conference,
11-14 Dec, New Delhi, India

Under the theme ‘Empowering Investors: IPAs Pioneering Future Growth’, the event is set to offer an unprecedented plethora of opportunities to an array of stakeholders in the investment world. Witness a game-changing event that not only promises tangible outcomes but also has the potential to reshape the landscape of investment forever!


📅 Date: December 11th - 14th, 2023

📍 Venue: Yashobhoomi (IICC), New Delhi, India


Contact APAC Senior Advisor WAIPA for details or visit: 

UN ESCAP Digital Private Sector Capacity Development Training & DigiEcon 2023, Colombo, Sri Lanka
IMG-20231013-WA0019 (002).jpg

In collaboration with the United Nations ESCAP, and with the invaluable support of the Board of Investment Sri Lanka and the ICT Agency of Sri Lanka, KW Group was proud to deliver a transformative digital FDI project. Our mission: to empower and uplift ten promising tech entrepreneurs based in Sri Lanka. Through targeted capacity development, mentoring, and comprehensive training, our goal is to equip these entrepreneurs with the knowledge and capabilities they need to not only thrive but also to attract discerning investors. This initiative is a vital step forward in aligning with Sri Lanka's ambitious vision to foster and expand the digital economy.

KW Group role included interviews and assessment of the company competencies, development of the training materials, delivery of the training materials in Colombo as well as individual mentoring ahead of investor pitches and participation at the prestigious DigiEcon 2023 Summit in Colombo as a moderator on macro investment in digital FDI for Sri Lanka.

United Nations Asia Pacific Innovation Forum, Sept 9th,
Xiamen, China - Part of China International Fair For Investment & Trade (CIFIT)

UN Asia-Pacific Innovation Forum: Boosting Foreign Direct Investment in the Digital Economy for Sustainable Development

KW Group were delighted to collaborate with United Nations ESCAP and WAIPA to organize a conference  dedicated to the Asia-Pacific region to discuss and develop capacity around national digital economy strategies and policies, and the role that foreign direct investment (FDI) can have in building digital economies around three core areas:

  1. promoting digital businesses,

  2. encouraging digital adoption, and

  3. building digital infrastructure


The event brought together investment promotion agencies (IPAs) and investors as well as other stakeholders to discuss what actions and measures can be undertaken to promote and facilitate FDI in these three areas, investment opportunities in Asia and the Pacific in each area, and the requirements and expectations of investors.

In addition to this, given the speed at which artificial intelligence (AI) is changing our world, a key theme of the forum will be on the role of AI in investment promotion. Investment promotion agencies that are currently using AI in their investment promotion activities will share their experiences with using AI for investment promotion, and highlight some of the benefits and challenges that this new technology has brought.

The event was funded by the Government of China.

ASEAN Investment Forum 2023, Sept 2nd, Jakarta, Indonesia

The inaugural ASEAN Investment Forum was a groundbreaking event borne out of a collaborative effort between the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UN ESCAP), the World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (WAIPA), the Indonesia Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM), the ASEAN Secretariat, the ASEAN Business Advisory Council, and Bloomberg. This remarkable collaboration fostered regional ties and facilitated a dynamic exchange of ideas and resources among key stakeholders within the ASEAN region between governments, the private sector, and investors. 

KW Group Managing Partner Andrew Keable was also involved as a panel moderator with the privilege of chairing the panel on Healthcare Investment in ASEAN.

WAIPA-United Nations ESCAP Asia Pacific IPAs Investment Conference 2023

WAIPA APAC IPAS FDI & Investment Conference + Capacity Building Workshops 21-22 February UN Conference Centre, Bangkok, Thailand


Part of WAIPA-UNESCAP Asia Pacific Trade, Investment & Innovation Week 2023

22-24 February 2023, UN Conference Centre, Bangkok, Thailand


As the first major in-person event for WAIPA in the Asia-Pacific region in 2023, participation will be open to all international and regional members (and non-members). WAIPA will be supporting the program with several events and workshops, for the investment promotion community including the first Asia-Pacific WAIPA IPAs Conference, Asia-Pacific announcement of the WAIPA-OCO Global Innovation Index Report as well as capacity building workshops (Pro-active investment, Digital FDI and more).

The WAIPA APAC IPAS Conference & Workshops will take place alongside APAC Trade, Investment & Innovation Week and will be held at the UN Conference Centre, in Bangkok, Thailand.

GTDW CHINA 2019_Brochure_Eng_2006_FINAL_

GTDW CHINA Exhibition & Conference Programme 2019

GTDW CHINA 2019_Brochure_Post-Event_1007

GTDW CHINA 2019 - Post Event Report


GTDW China 2019 - Overview

Elevate_FINAL EVENT BROCHURE 2019_Cover_

ELEVATE Event Programme Guide 2019

Elevate_Sponsorship-Floor Plan 2019_1704

ELEVATE Exhibition & Sponsorship Guide 2019


ELEVATE 2019 - Overview




GTDW EMEA Anti Illicit Trade & Brand Protection Programme


GTDW EMEA-AIT-BP Post Event Report 2018_

GTDW EMEA 2019 - Post Event Report

Youtube_EMEA 2018.jpg

GTDW EMEA - Anti Illicit Trade & Brand Protection 2018 - Overview

GTDW HALAL TRADE - Programme 2018_Cover.

GTDW HALAL TRADE - Programme 2018

Youtube_Halal 2018_Interview Faces.jpg

Full Video Playlist - Interviews from

GTDW Halal Trade, Manufacturing & Logistics Summit 2018

UMBIF 2018 Logo.png
UMBIF 2018 Word-Logo.png
UMBIF Programme 2018_Cover.jpg

UAE-Malaysia Business
& Investment Forum (UMBIF) - Programme 2018


Full Video Playlist - UAE-Malaysia Trade Mission

GTDW CHINA - 2018_Covers.jpg

GTDW CHINA 2018 - 
Full Programme

GTDW CHINA - 2018_Covers.jpg

GTDW CHINA 2018 - Anti-Illicit Trade Alliance Only

Youtube_VelmaWalker_CHINA 2018.jpg

Video Presentation by

Velma Ricketts Walker, Commissioner of Jamaica Customs Agency


GTDW HALAL TRADE - Programme 2017_Cover.

GTDW HALAL TRADE - Programme 2017

GTDW EMEA - Programme 2017_Cover.jpg

GTDW EMEA - Programme 2017


GTDW Middle East 2017 Dubai - Overview

GTDW Financing Trade - Programme & Spons

GTDW Financing Trade - Programme & Sponsorship Guide 2017



GTDW EMEA - Programme 2016_Cover.jpg
Youtube_BBC Interview with Dr Dalya Al M

BBC 'Talking Business' Interview with

Dr Dalya Al Muthanna, Vipul Sardana & Danny Seabright - GTDW Middle East 2017 Dubai

Youtube_GTDW UAE2017.jpg

Inauguration Speech

by the Minister of Economy

GTDW Customs-Compliance-Trade Facilitati

GTDW Customs, Compliance & Trade Facilitation - Programme & Sponsorship Guide 2017



GTDW EMEA - Programme 2015_Cover.jpg

GTDW EMEA - Programme 2015

GTDW EMEA - Post Event Report 2015_Cover

GTDW EMEA - Post Event Report 2015

GTDW EMEA - Programme 2014_Cover.jpg
GTDW EMEA - Post Event Report 2014_Cover



GTDW EMEA - Programme 2014

GTDW EMEA - Post Event Report 2014

GTDW APAC - Free Trade-Special Economic
GTDW APAC - Corporate Leaders - Programm
GTDW APAC - Post Event Report 2014_Cover
GTDW APAC - Trade Finance-Industrial Dev

GTDW APAC - Corporate Leaders - Programme 2014

GTDW APAC - Free Trade-Special Economic Zones - Programme 2014

GTDW APAC - Trade Finance & Industrial Development - Programme 2014

GTDW APAC - Post Event Report 2014

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