Your Partner In Asia: Making The Most Of The Asian Century

By 2030 65% of the world's middle-class consumers will be found in Asia. It is forecast that ASEAN will become the world’s fourth-largest economy with a USD 4 trillion consumer market.

Why KW Group?

Established in 2010, we work with regulators, donors, governments & businesses to support Asia-focused trade development, FDI, market access, research, policy & tradetech. We have extensive regional start-up / scale-up experience & networks with related investors, government, multipliers, and private entities. 


We support over 100 companies annually on inbound and outbound Asia-related projects on a full-time or project basis.


  • Technical Consulting - Regulators, Donors, Governments & Businesses 

  • Corporate Affairs & Public Policy Research 

  • Market Access Advisory & In Market Representation

  • FDI Lead Generation, Pipeline Development & Representation

  • FDI & Investment Promotion Consulting

  • Export Development Programs

  • Private Sector Trade Access, Distribution Partnerships, Sourcing & Representation 

  • Official Trade Intelligence & Commodities Data

  • Asia Government Alliances & Lobbying 

  • Trade Missions, Events & Capacity Building Programs  

  • Special Projects, Sourcing & High Value Business Introductions



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Michelle Wong
Intelligence, Research & Partnerships

Michelle leads the intelligence and research side of KW Group working directly with global and regional thought leaders around complex trade & investment projects. I am passionate about speaking to industry stakeholders and building strategic relationships & alliances with international organisations across the the private and public sector.


She has lived and worked in Kuala Lumpur, Johannesburg and Singapore with extensive experience managing technical projects across Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa. Michelle is a Malaysian National and mother to 3 children.

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Andrew Keable
Sales, Marketing & Alliances

Andrew leads the commercial, marketing and alliances side of KW Group working with regulators, donors, governments, trade agencies, supply chain, tradetech & enterprise clients.


Andrew is a recognised regional business leader living in Asia for the last 15 years, specializing in consulting, intelligence, publishing & events with UBM, Informa, McCann, GSK and as an Entrepreneur.

Andrew has worked in Europe, Middle East and across Asia Pacific. He is based between Singapore and Kuala Lumpur where he lives with his wife and 4 children. He is a British National.

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Asia Expertise

KW Group have extensive Donor, Government, Association and Business Networks across Asia & The Middle East.


We support key clients (OCO Global | Dentsu Tracking | Trade Data Monitor) with Asia & MENA market access, representation & business development. We support Asia export, market access and investment on a private basis for governments and private projects.


We work extensively with Ministries of Trade, Finance, Health as well as Customs & Tax Administrations, Investment Promotion Agencies, Export & Trade Development Agencies.


Global Trade Development Week 

The leading multimodal capacity building event for trade technologies and digitalization across Donors, Governments & Enterprise to discuss etrade, trade facilitation, trade compliance,  secure trade, customs & anti illicit trade. 


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Government - Ministries of Trade, Economy, Health, Finance, Statistics Agencies, Investment Promotion Agencies, Export Agencies, Central Banks
Customs & Tax Administrations

Associations & Chambers of Commerce
Free Trade Zone Administrations
Technologies (Market Access & Representation Services)
Banks, Sovereign Wealth Funds & VC
Multinationals & Fortune 500 Companies
Brand Owners
PPPs, Finance & Investment
Trade Finance
Anti Illicit Trade & Supply Chain Digitalisation


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